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Today I wanted to talk about Oplite because it is one of my favorite stones and not very many people know much about it.  I love using Opalite when I am making my jewelry because it blends well with any metal.  Opalite also, for me, is like the Unicorn stone, because it has a holographic effect when held up to the light.

So what exactly is Opalite?  Well according to Wikipidea: Opalite is a trade name for man-made opalised glass and various opal simulants. Other names for this glass product include "Argenon", "Sea Opal", "Opal Moonstone" and other similar names. It is also used to promote impure varieties of variously colored common opal. When opalite glass is placed against a dark background, it appears to have a blue color. When placed against a light background, it is milky white with an orange or pink glow. Because it is glass, it may sometimes contain air bubbles, an after effect of the forming process. The streak of opalite is typically white.

So there you have it.  Opalite is a man made glass but it is oh so pretty with different colors shining through, dependent on the background behind it.

So does Opalite have any healing properties then? Well the answer is a bit confusing.  Since Opalite is a man made glass it does not technically fall under the same rules.  I went to crystalvaults.com and here is what they had to say:

"Opalite is amorphous. That means it has no crystalline structure. It is composed of silicon dioxide and therefore is a Transformer Crystal. Transformers crystals have the earth power to help us change our lives in some manner. Transformers are an extremely important class of crystals. Efforts to change our situations, our prospects, our health, our relationships, our outlook, and ourselves can all be enhanced by using a Transformer talisman.  Transformation is a key use of crystal energy and power. Many human activities are aimed at transforming ourselves into something more desirable, more employable, happier, or more capable. Many people are searching for a better life, and know that transforming themselves is a necessary first step.  

Opalite is subtle yet highly energetic. It is ideal for meditation. Opalite improves communication on all levels, especially the spiritual. It removes energy blockages of the chakras and meridians. Emotionally, Opalite helps by assisting during transitions of all kinds. It engenders persistence and gives us strength in verbalizing our hidden feelings. It can also help us to be successful in business."

Since I like to belive the we has humans are always trying to grow and transform.  Out with the old and in with the new so to speak, Opalite seems to work for me - especially since it is a transition stone.  What do you think? 

Pictured above is a lovely little Opalite Stone pendant necklace I love to wear, and now that I know the meaning behind the stone I think it makes it just a little bit more meaningful for me.  If you like this necklace feel free to check it out  here https://www.sofiasifuentes.com/listing/580397506/opalite-necklace and just look at all those pretty colors.  If it is not a Unicorn stone then my second guess would be a Mermaid stone.  Yup, I could definately see a Mermaid wearing this necklace.

Do you like Opalite? Would you wear this stone?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  

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